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The Project

Vancouver Streetwear Community started as a Facebook group founded by Xavier Francis and some friends in 2016. As of now, Vancouver Streetwear Community has expanded to over 34,000 members across Canada. The group has become well known throughout the Vancouver area and become much more than just a Facebook group. Hosting many small and large scale events throughout the Vancouver area and even having a mural in the heart of downtown Vancouver. As a founder of the group, Xavier Francis is responsible for much of the group’s success today.


On this project, Xavier was responsible for:

• Designing and creating the vancouverstreetwear.com website and putting together a team of creators to design and create content for the site.
• Managing social media accounts (Instagram & Facebook)
• Engaging with the community through Facebook and Instagram
• Working together with brands and sponsors to create giveaways for the community
• Putting together small events including pop-ups and meet-ups for the community to engage at

The Results

Vancouver Streetwear Community has become an influential force for those who enjoy streetwear and sneakers in Canada. Songs have been made and published on YouTube about the group, a mural exists downtown Vancouver promoting the group, someone even has the group name and date they entered the group tattoo’d on their arm. Attracting 34,000 people in just over 2 years, Vancouver Streetwear Community continues to grow and attract the attention of well known brands and shops throughout Canada.