We bring the right people together to challenge established thinking and drive transformation.



We Innovate

If it seems to you like new technologies are popping up every day, that’s because they are. The pace of technological advancement in our modern society is unlike anything the world has ever seen. And that’s good news for you and your business!

New Ideas

We seek out and retain talented young professionals who live and breathe new tech every day; we teach them how to blend this innate technical ‘citizenship’ with the proficiencies of their individual field of expertise; and we help them develop world-class consulting skills so that they can truly comprehend a client’s situation and provide an elegant solution for a fair price.

New Methods

We can show you new ways of presenting your goods and services to the world, quickly and cost-effectively. We can also show you new techniques that will let you communicate DIRECTLY to your customers and transact business the way THEY want you to.

New Tools

So many new tools! Increase your productivity, train your employees, delight your customers!  We keep tabs on what’s hot, what’s worth it and what’s not, so we can create and optimize the best solution for you and your business.


We Perform

Holland Creek Consultants have expertise and experience in a number of diverse industries and fields of study. That diversity is our strength; it allows us to draw upon each other’s perspective to provide significant insight and holistic assistance to our clients. That’s really what provides the return on your investment!

We Provide a Different Frame of Reference

Your business is your business, and you and your staff have certain skill sets that allow your business to be successful. But there are an awful lot of different skill sets out there! We can provide knowledge, tools, processes, and a unique way of looking at things that may not be currently evident in your organization.

We Bring an Expanded Knowledge Management Capability

We may have read books, white papers and reports that you may not have seen (or had time to read). We belong to networks and institutes and associations that give us access to connections and resources that you may not have.

We Bring Objective Insight - an Ability to "See the Woods from the Trees"

Sometimes all you need is to objectively talk through your problem with someone to see your way through. Holland Creek Consultants can bring a fresh perspective to your business that you may not have previously considered.


We Deliver

The advantage of having Holland Creek on your side is that we offer the best of both worlds – young professionals who can easily navigate the increasingly technological business environment; and seasoned industry veterans who understand that the fundamentals of commerce rarely change.

Different Than the Rest

Holland Creek Consulting provides a first career opportunity to young university students and graduates - training them as professional consultants and employing their specific ‘technical’ expertise to create value with a suitable client. It’s how we stay on top of the constantly-shifting sands of emerging technology! 

It's a Group Effort

Each initial client interaction and scoping of a potential project includes the presence of a young Associate Consultant as well as a Senior Engagement Manager; and ALL client deliverables - analysis, recommendations, action plans, etc. - are fully vetted by Senior members of our Professional Review Committee before they’re delivered to the client.

Everybody Wins!

Our approach allows our clients to benefit from the latest technologies, processes and ideas, at a cost-effective rate that delivers a significant return on investment. It’s a win-win situation!